Workplace Wellbeing | Step Ahead Hypnotherapy
A recent study by the UK Workplace Wellbeing Study has found that mental health will be the 2nd biggest challenge to face employers within the next 5 years. Absence, presenteeism and staff turnover attributable to mental health costs U.K employers £34.9 billion a year, that's £1300 per employee. While many companies are now recognising this and are providing mental health first aid, we're not doing enough to prevent mental ill health in the first place. I can offer: HR Mental Health Toolkits - support for HR teams in supporting people with mental health Mental Health Wellbeing for Employees - workshops on how to proactively safeguard your mental health Mental Health Wellbeing for Managers - how to support your teams Individual Hypnotherapy sessions which can be offered as part of your Employee Wellbeing Programme Please contact me to discuss