Worried about Job Security? Don't Be | Step Ahead Hypnotherapy
My Dad worked for the same company his whole life, but today people can expect to have 5 to 15 jobs in their lifetime. I'm 44 and have had 5 employers so far and been made redundant twice! The good news is that the more change we go through the more resilient we become, and that will benefit us in all areas of our lives. However, if we have worked in the same company for a long time and our job is threatened, it can be hard to handle. Our brains are designed to fear change, which can lead to anger, anxiety or depression when we feel under threat. In my hypnotherapy business I've seen many clients who've lost their confidence after losing their jobs. As a Business Coach I've supported many people through restructures and helped them prepare for the job market. So as someone who's been through it, and someone who's helped others, here are my top tips for dealing with changes at work. Be Prepared Accept that no job is 'safe' forever, and make sure you're prepared. Things you can