Be more Dog! | Step Ahead Hypnotherapy
I'm a great believer in modelling excellence. If you want to run faster, find out how Usain Bolt trains. If you want to become a pop star, find out how Ed Sheeran went from busking to playing Wembley. So, if I want to be happier, who else would I model myself on but my dog Sky? No offence to cats (I've had them all my life) but they can be a bit tetchy. I mean have you ever tried to get your cat to the vets and come away unscathed? Dogs on the other hand, are pretty happy as a general rule. And this is because they live in the present. They don't hold on to what happened yesterday, and they don't worry about what tomorrow may bring – they just are. Here's my guide to happiness, courtesy of Sky: Get out in nature more Sky loves nothing more than going out for a walk – whatever the weather. She'll stop to smell the plants (and pee on them but I'm not advocating that) and kick up the leaves. If she's not out walking, she'll be out in the garden, holding her face up to the sun. She knows