How Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has helped me | Step Ahead Hypnotherapy
We know that to prevent disease and physical illness, we need to eat healthy and move more. Yet few of us have the same approach to mental well-being; we may seek help when we become mentally unwell but what do we do to take care of ourselves and make sure that doesn't happen? I've been treated before for both anxiety and depression and thankfully made a full recovery, but it's only since starting on this journey as a therapist that I've become aware of how to proactively look after my mental health. In the first session with a client, I explain how the brain works; how anxiety is created and how we can suffer in the way we do. This is usually really powerful for people, as they can make sense of their behaviour and understand what they can do to change it. Did you know for example, that anxiety can cause the following: Migraines IBS The need to re-check things Anger and irritability Problems sleeping I've had a busy year, working full-time and studying as well. I've started to pick