The Encapsulation of MY Dream | Stefani Deoul
Hello Peeps, And welcome to my very first "Ramble". I chose to headline this "rambling" as I would like to think we are about to engage in the first of many conversations which will roam and ramble all over the place as we sally forth into the wild, wild web. When it was first suggested I should start a blog, I found myself at a shocking loss for words. What should I do? What would I say? Why should anyone care? And thus, finding myself now inflicted with this case of the mutes and no cure in sight, I take time to go savor the Tampa Bay Festival of Reading. As I stroll through tables and tables of books, I happen upon one near the end of an aisle and instantly find my mute button is now unlocked by my flabbergasted key. There, piled askew, sit stacks and stacks of Challenged and Banned Books. There is Looking for Alaska by John Green, sitting next to Alison Bechdel's Fun Home (loved the musical!). Sherman Alexie. Toni Morrison. Stephen Chbosky. Neil Gaiman. Philip Pullman's Dark