A Beer-Soaked Sun-Drenched Golden Colorado Weekend
My Golden Colorado Weekend For Labor Day Weekend, I flew out to Denver for the first time in nine years (still can't believe it's been that long) to see Roger - my best friend from high school and early college years - get married. He is a fellow beer lover and he and his friends do some serious brewing. Not long ago around the time of the wildfires that struck Colorado Springs, he lost a 25 gallon batch that he was working on. His friend Tim (who served as Best Man at the wedding) works at one of the local brew shops and they lost a 50 gallon batch. Heartbreaking indeed. I felt terrible when I heard the news. All I'm doing is little 5 gallon batches and anything that goes awry or out of order with anything I do is a serious problem. And I mean that wholeheartedly. I really felt bad when I heard that news. I mean, my troubles seemingly pale in comparison. Anyway, enough empathy and back to the gist of my story. I took my lady Sonia with me because I wanted [...]