Scientists Are Baffled by 13 New "Cosmic Whistles" Recently Heard From Space
Since humans first began looking at the night sky, we"ve wondered at what might be out there. For early civilizations, the sky was a source of stories, of myths, and navigation. For more recent civilizations, the sky has been a source of wonder and exploration, as we"ve begun voyaging out beyond our planet, slowly learning more about the planets beyond ours. From earth, as our science advances, we learn more about the galaxies and universe that surrounds us. And part of that exploration has been listening to the sounds of space, including the sounds of gravitational waves and more. Included in the things scientists hear are something we refer to as fast radio bursts (FRBs). These radio chirps are the result of quick flashes of energy, since nicknamed "cosmic whistles," which—even though they may only last milliseconds—may be signs of energy bursts as great as 500 million times our Sun"s energy. Until recently, the sum total of these cosmic whistles has been 20 or so sources of FRBs.