Now Hiring: Willie Nelson Needs You To Work For His Weed Company, Starting Salary $65,000
While it seems to good to be true, due to the fact that nothing could be sweeter than working for Willie Nelson, this is not a joke. Seriously, we aren"t pulling your leg, you can even apply for the job here. The legendary country music singer/marijuana Conti Sueur is launching his own pot company, which he calls "Willie"s Reserve" in Colorado. He is in search of five new employees, according to reports. Willie"s new brand will use an assortment of strains, cultivation methods, and recipes to provide a full line of products including pre-rolls, edibles, and flowers. Each product that is sold by Willie"s Reserve will be hand-picked by Willie himself. In an interview with Wide Open Country, will referred to the brand as a way of giving back to the "pot enthusiasts that flocked to his shows," according to the companies own website. In past interviews, Nelson has even stated that he wants the store to look and feel like "the anti-Walmart." So what positions are open for hire at Willie"s