7 of the Most Powerful Synchronistic Moments That You Should Not Ignore
Synchronicities can simply be defined as meaningful coincidences: they defy natural explanation because their timing is just too convenient, and also because they seem to solve problems on so many different fronts. Many people believe that synchronicities are the language or the articulation of the Universe; all of us should listen, hear, and implement this guidance, for the benefit of ourselves as individuals, and for the benefit of our planet, our galaxy, and our Universe as a whole. #1: Recurring, repeated numbers. We’ve all probably noticed the same series of numbers seemingly popping up everywhere at one time or another. However, figuring out what they mean—or how to use them to your advantage—is a far more difficult thing to deduce. But there are many stories which argue said numbers have led to great riches or insights, so keep keeping an eye out: each repeating number could very well be a message from a spirit guide. #2: Meeting extremely old friends "by chance." This is bound