Ripping Yarns - and other things | Sonia's Mum
"The Hurling" is my and Mum's code for a situation where you get so frustrated, angry and irrational, the only thing to do is hurl things. "I had a hurling last week, Sonia darling" Mum told me once with a mischievous giggle in her voice. She'd hurled two cups of coffee over the care home fence as it had got too cold - no doubt losing essential temperature while she was throwing biscuits into the laps of her fellow residents. She referred to another hurling recently, but couldn't quite remember why she'd done it; something to do with clothes. Knowing not to directly question or contradict her I told her that I felt like having one myself last Friday. She went quiet for a while, breathing hard into the telephone, took a sharp breath and asked "But you didn't though, did you? Promise me you didn't".