Exam Stress | Solution Hypnotherapy NI
Feeling anxious about exams is normal. But sometimes those nerves can get in the way, rather than help. Everyone is an individual and we all react to stress in different ways. Some signs of stress are: Worry a lot, about anything Get lots of headaches and tummy pain Not be able to get to sleep, or wake up in the night Be grumpy and quick to anger Eating habits changes – eat more or less than usual Seem negative or hopeless Stop enjoying activities they used to enjoy What can we do the help manage anxiety: Keep calm – keeping calm yourself is probably the most vital. I often find having a few appointments with parents is highly effective as they can then ensure a calm house. We have mirror neurons in our brain which can change our mood to match whomever we are with, so nervous parents = nervous kids, calm parents = calm kids Listen - having someone to talk to is important, someone who will really listen and help children keep things in perspective. Eat properly – avoid children