Shiny Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights; But Notes Do | Seeds of Liberty
James Weeks II of Podcast Titles are A Spook and Jim Jesus talk about movies of 2017, and a bunch of shitty ones before it. Christopher Chase Rachels got fucked by the Mises Institute after (allegedly) raping a trans man and abandoning one of his kids but we’re horrible because we don’t care about getting with black girls. They talk about some Adam Kokesh updates and how he negotiated with terrorists after all. Also we establish a new national holiday, your Amazon Purchases, and an I WAS WRONG! Oh, we have a shirt store that makes good shirts and not fucking Zazzle trash. Podcast Titles Are A Spook! A Note on Chase Rachels’s Book Breaking: Ex-Partner Of Christopher Chase Rachels Reveals Prior Nationalist Behavior Cantwell’s Egg McMuffin Day 2018 Steve Miller-Miller’s Aprons NOT The Lolberts: YouTube Version of NOT The Lolberts. Need Kratom? Get Kraken Need anything else? Buy Amazon #plsdonate Lolberts Shirt Store! Lolberts Discord: