Episode 100! The Federal Reserve | Seeds of Liberty
Jim Jesus goes solo for the first part of this episode and then brings on Larry Bernard of Recording N’ Progress for the second part to talk about The Federal Reserve. Why it’s a terrible institution, why it needs to be abolished, and why libertarians should also abolish conspiracies about the fed because they’re false, unfounded, and only came about via antisemitic groups and hoaxes. Larry Bernard on Twitter N’ Progress: Project on Part 3 of the film Zeitgeist “Don’t Mind The Men Behind The Curtain” Real History of the Fed: Why It Didn’t Take a Miracle (Or a Conspiracy!) to Pass Horwitz at FFF: “Do We Really Need a Central Bank?” of the American Dream: Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look into the Federal Reserve New way to support The Lolberts Version of NOT The Lolberts. Kratom? Get Krakenhttp://kratom.lolberts.comNeed anything else? Buy Amazon Shirt Store!http://store.lolberts.comLolberts Discord (S.I.P.S. Confederacy):http://discord.lolberts.comCreative Commons 0 1.0 License Full Legal Text EVA – Realizations