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There are numerous reasons that it is a really bad idea to drive without correct motor insurance. Firstly, it is unlawful; if you drive without insurance its a criminal offence. It might look like a smart idea at the time to conserve yourself a considerable about money by failing to take out insurance coverage cover for your automobile. You might of course drive around for an extended period without being involved in any kind of accident or being visited the authorities. Nevertheless, it is specific that in the end, among these 2 things will absolutely occur. The concept of automobile insurance is that you take out a policy, and ideally you will never ever need it. It may seem like a waste of loan, but car insurance coverage is there to protect you and others, need to you be involved in a minor or severe accident. So you might be fortunate and drive around for let's say 2 years without ever having even a near miss out on. Then, you get involved in a minor bump. Now you will become