Smartphones and The Impact on Our Health | Social Media Matters
In today's times, it is rare to see a person not glued to their smartphone. Smartphones are an integral part of our existence, and while their usefulness in terms of bridging geographical boundaries and increasing the access of information is infinite, there are many negative consequences of excessive smartphone usage, particularly for the health of individuals. Just what are these ill effects of smartphone usage? Posture - Numerous medical and scientific studies have shown posture is severely affected in those who use smartphones excessively vis a vis those who don't. Smartphone users tend to develop rounded shoulders, spinal curvatures, vertebrate disorders, and associated neck pain and headaches caused by these ailments. Eyesight - Looking at smartphones in bed, results in direct exposure to light, which can be damaging to retinas, which can lead to macular degeneration (i.e., worsening eyesight). An increasing number of ophthalmologists are beginning to believe there's a link