Supplement Your Faith
The 16th ce tury Germa mo k, Marti Luther, with his forceful perso ality a d powerful rhetoric lifted the church from a fearful malaise of ig ora ce, false piety, a d error with a si gle phrase – sola fide. This lati phrase became the chief theological moori g for a e tire ge eratio of Christia s a d the root of a theological moveme t still i motio today. Luther was aware that the false gospel preached by the Roma Catholic church mi imized the work of Christ a d all but eradicated the eed for authe tic faith. Sola fide became the battle-cry of scores of ewly-awake ed sai ts cli gi g to Christ through the Word. It mea s “by faith alo e.” The apostle Paul also holds a exclusive view of faith. I his ow words: “For we hold that o e is justified by faith apart from works of the law.” (Roma s 3:28) If Paul is writi g a so g about salvatio , the chorus is very clearly ce tered o faith. The writer of Hebrews e obles faith as well i the famous passage i chapter 11 co cer i [...]