Whatcom County Council Plans to Protect their Majority by Denying Voters Theirs | Saturday Morning Live - NW Liberty Road
The Whatcom County Council in an unprecedented move have added four items at the last minute to their Tuesday, June 23rd agenda. At this writing the ordinances may already have been approved by a "consent agenda," whereby the members would not have to publicly discuss and vote on each individual ordinance. The Council's actions show that they desire to deny the voters (who placed the Charter Review Commissioners into office) the opportunity to bring forth their suggested revisions to the County Charter. The Charter Review Commission (elected by the voters from each of the three Districts in Whatcom County) have approved to amend the Charter to allow for District Voting as opposed to the countywide voting that is the current law. Countywide voting gives District 1 a distinct advantage to elect representatives that are beholden to the City of Bellingham and an "urban" agenda. If the voters approve District Voting in the upcoming November General Election, then each County Councilperson