The Consensus of Climate Scientists, "That's Mine and You Can't Have It!" | Saturday Morning Live - NW Liberty Road
Climate scientists are getting away with a clever gambit that we ordinary citizens better not try with the IRS. They tell Congress, taxpayers and energy consumers that all their "homogenized," exaggerated, manipulated and fabricated data, their records and other documents, are their private property. Their analyses, computer codes and algorithms are proprietary. And when we get testy or threaten them with legal actions, they tell us they resent our "intimidation tactics." My commentary this week examines this outrageous chutzpah in detail. Thank you for posting it for your Saturday readers. Best regards, Paul A new strategy for tax cheats You can guess what would happen if you used the same tactics that climate alarmists employ, by Paul Driessen Suppose you've been using some creative data, accounting and legal interpretations for years to reduce your tax bill – and the IRS suddenly flags you for a full-blown audit. Instead of trembling in your boots, shredding your records, calling