Should I use a mortgage broker?
When home buyers think about finance to purchase a property, they have a choice between a mortgage broker or going to banks directly. I am a big advocate of mortgage brokers - not because I am one but because a good broker can help you build wealth through your property portfolio. Mobile lenders or employees who work for the bank are employees and get paid anyway and may move from one lender to another. So here are the advantages & disadvantages of using mortgage brokers for your home loan. Advantage #1: Saves you Legwork On average, mortgage brokers have around 25 to 30 different lenders on their panel. In terms of the number of loans, this means there are nearly 1000 plus home loan products. If you were to research each lender and their different loan options, you can spend days on end, trying to figure out which one to choose. Besides, you may not even know the names of certain lenders who have really good home loan products. A mortgage broker can also steer you away from