Property renovation
Australians love renovating their homes. Whether it is to improve the house value (investors) or to extend the family home, it all depends on the balance between what you want to do versus the finance required. Renovating Family Homes As your family grows, there is a dilemma about renovation versus moving to a bigger house. The cost of selling and buying a house can be more expensive than renovating. Ultimately, it could be as simple as adding another bathroom, kitchen extension or a whole new storey. Before you can renovate your family home, consider the questions below: Can you live through the disruptions during the renovation period? If you are expecting a baby, the last thing you want is more noise and stress! When you have a family, consider if renovation will help you achieve the desired lifestyle and needs for you and your family. Are you renovating so that your children can still go to the same school and live in the same safe suburb? If so, an architect should be able to