Q&A about home loans with Obu Ramaraj, The Mortgage Angel
Most Australians share the goal of owning a house. However, not everybody should buy a house until they have a basic knowledge about home loans. You need to keep in mind that your house will be one of your most valuable assets and you have to equip yourself with all the knowledge you need so that you can make a purchase you won’t regret. Also, a home loan is one of the biggest debts that can stay with you for a long time. Have a Checklist This basically entails that you need to write everything down – your goals, all the research, the contacts and anything else you need to document. Moreover, all the things you need to do in a step by step manner. If you are new to this idea, then it’s best that you ask help from a mortgage broker who has your best interest at heart. The Home Loan Jargon Terms like “offset account”, “lenders”, “lenders mortgage insurance”, “credit scoring” and other terms can be a bit overwhelming. And if you really don’t understand, you should ask a professional. When