Forgot to pay your bills?
Yesterday I got a call from a prospective client asking for help. I usually don't get too many calls for this kind of help. Apparently, the telco company had charged him too much for what my client didn't use and he didn't want to pay the bill last year. He forgot all about this until a few weeks ago when he decided to apply for a home loan and voila! the news was pretty shocking to him. There was a default on his credit file lodged by the telco. So like any good person, he paid the bill and called the company to see if they can help him get his home loan by removing the default. Not only were they rude, but they refused to help him out, as he was no longer their customer! I see this every now and then - defaults sometimes happen when there is a lease in one person's name and friends then move in and the original person fails to transfer the lease into the friend's name and friends of friends finally forget (conveniently) to pay the rent! Or it could be a case like my client in the