Tantric revelries
this poetic longing to be ravished must lie dormant in all women? the wild wolf spirit buried within that yearns for meeting strength matched in ferocity, wit and grit Desire 欲望 欲 谷 valley 欠 lost not all those who wander are lost the rising of Shakti rattles sleeping bones awake cures sickness and fatigue but why do we grasp and hold on to our symbols, binding fast religiously to those who triggered the flow of juices, inspiration and whatever goes by for love nowadays would you create with me? refrain from touching but just sway in the beats of our self-made rhytmhs licking the wet stuff off our lips as ambrosia drips into slow luscious drops i bite the fruit you cut golden rectangles the Goddess provided and she takes, she takes unborn babies from our bellies songs from our mouths dreams from our sleep 欠 the emptiness arises again two halves can never become whole elliptical moons touching but never melting the emptiness remains and what a great gift this hole She left to cover it with sweetgrass singe it with sage, kiss the corners