Purple Jupyter Storm
Your purple sand still in my pocketsThe tiniest grains of sandNever washing these blue jeans again Exquisite pain shooting through my veinsBitter tears cried again and again Suffering sweetness, hold me, I beg, comfort me like on a mother’s lapEarth’s mother holding me, while she sways across the galactic arms in spiralsGranting me the wish to see With eyes of blessing, eyes of Oneness BlindlyI reach, I reach,Fingertips grasping, scraping the cold clear metalMy hands can find no place to hold intoFeet unsteady, my toe twinges..And so I fall Into the depths, the murky watersStreaming waterfalls push me underThe same old tale, old as aeonsOf mind’s many illusions It’s the place the Ayahuasca brought meSeparated from SourceThe crash after dopamine The low after the highLost in the valley To break it, I had to revere Maestro TobaccoWhile its smoky wisps drifted upwardsWhat shattered remains of my heartReformulated into being Seven yearsAll the cells in my body have regeneratedNot one is the same since I last came here I cannot do life lightlyI’m swinging it like an amateurBorn to love —I will always do. Amare Amaterasu The Sun hides in her cave While the little one flaunts her stuffGiggling and laughing, the party is wildThe stalagmites drip lonesomelyLet me play too? These strange layers of complexity Is it what kills us or what will always be Held back by some many wires Never the unburdened wild sparks we once were The tears streaming down like mad stormsLightning strikes and I praise the LordAlone in this rundown shedWould you hold me and warm my bed? Your garden is like a secret refuge Of mystery, One of the places my mind will always beOut on the rocks while the sea beats the shore I can’t let go of these images Will they let go of me? Moments of paradiseBrightness amidst the mottled cloudsA ray of light to wake me from my slumber Moving mountains and burning bridgesThis passion is a fire hazardHighly inflammable cities amongst the places we call home A home away from home Your home my heart Shatter our future with your rigidity Just let goThe fingers relaxingMy back turningNow it is time to put on your waterworks Push and pull on my heartstringsLike the ebb and flow of the oceanYou could glorify it like that All I know it is exquisite tortureI want to surf your waves Wild wolf spiritA bald spot like an eagle’s And I commune with youSmoke spirits Howl to the moon What does the wind want?To blow, to howl, to carry me to you Moon full Mountains dark like white snowcappedWhere is your ancestor? Bearing fur Bizarrophilia — the love of the bizarre esoteric magnificence Unique artist soulSold in ounces, pounds and by the dozen Do I remember this? What is it I hearI readI’m in deja VuA winding road, round and crowning The top of your face The moon speaks to me In silvery tongues Licking their way aroundMy throat to my handsBasking in the cup of my Fingertoes all a’ running Never tell me aboutHow heaven matches hellAnd all the light that permeates us