Momma you need someone
I wrote this poem, when my baby was but a babe. The beginning is so hectic, and yet it goes by so fast Slowing Down To see his face When he experiences the world For the very first time To lay beside him And watch as he grows From my body externalized The drops of my essence Milky white amber sheened A majestic feat to define Another’s body so literally The hunger rages I cannot eat enough A shaking inside of me As I lay down once more Every time I do My fears melt away Like liquid gold Stilling and willing I give myself to the little one Again and again We are One Yet Another My body creates his That is a full-time job Yet you can always have hobbies If you have support If you have a rock A piece of wool to cover you To warm you in the cold. Someone to feed you While you feed him Someone to wash up While you wash him Someone to hold your hand And tell you:“You’re doing a great job momma”