What Are the Benefits of Playing Table Tennis to Lose Weight? | SlimClip iPhone Case
Today, millions of people around the globe play the game of ping pong or table tennis. This is quite a popular sport and played all over the world for many reasons. When we talk about any sport, we know it brings in a lot of entertainment and relaxation, not just for the viewers but also for the players who choose to play the game. Table Tennis is also one of those few sports which offers a number of health benefits – the main benefit is weight loss! Yes, you read it right. Table tennis is one of those games which are fast paced and entertaining. It is often said to bring in a lot of cardiovascular exercise. It is one of the few sports which has least chances of injury and can be played by young and old alike. Not much preparation or space (as in case of football) is needed to play table tennis. If you have friends and relatives coming over the weekend, you can plan for a game of food. It will not just bring in a lot of social bonding, it will help everyone lose weight also. There are