Waist Training vs. Waist Taming: Are You Losing Inches Either Way? | SlimClip iPhone Case
The Concept of "Waist Training" Though "tight lacing" has been around for years, the concept of "waist training" sprung up over recent years after pop-culture celebrities like the Kardashians made it a trend. But what is waist training really? For some concrete knowledge, we turned to the professional advice of Eric Roberson, certified exercise physiologist and personal trainer, who says he's been a"fitness enthusiast" since he was about 13. If we're describing it in basic terms, waist training refers to the process of wearing a tight fitting garment in order to modify the shape of your waist. This can be done of of two ways: 1. By using a metal or wire framed corset under everyday clothing. This method creates the temporary illusion of a slimmer waist. 2. By using a thermal, sweat inducing band to generate additional heat around the waist in attempt to burn fat Waist Trainers vs. Waist Trimmers (Sweat Bands ) Traditionally, "waist training" referred to the use of steel boned corsets