Pull Ups: Workouts & Variations | SlimClip iPhone Case
Pull Ups are an essential and fundamental element of any strength program. A pull-up is a compound exercise for the upper body. A classic pull-up is dependent upon strength of the upper body with strict form ie. no swinging of the legs. Technique A classic pull-up starts by hanging from a bar keeping the grip shoulder width apart and your arms straight. You then engage your upper body to pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar. To end the exercise, you lower yourself down till your arms are straightened and you are back in the starting position. Muscles Engaged Pull-ups mostly engage the muscles of the arms and upper back. The upper back or Lats are used to pull yourself up while pulling your upper arms downward. Biceps are engaged to bend the elbows helping to pull the body upward. Triceps are also used to push the elbows towards the abdomen. The abdominal muscles are engaged to prevent the body from arching and maintaining a straight line between the shoulders and