Master the art of a Push Up | SlimClip iPhone Case
A Push Up is one of the most practiced exercises in the world. Pushups engage a number of your body muscles making a great cornerstone exercise for any strength training program. What is a Push Up? You probably know what a push up is. For the beginners, a push up is a body-weighted exercise in which you first place your hands firmly on the ground. The hands placed shall be right under your shoulders. The advantage of push-ups over bench press is that the core abdominal, back, glute, and leg muscles are engaged. How-to Ground your toes to stabilize your lower body. Tighten your abs (ready to take a punch, eh?). Engage your glutes and hamstrings while you stabilize your lower body and get right to it! Flatten your back. Do not let your hips dip at any point during the movement neither should your hips stick up in the air! Keeping them neutral, lower your chest until your chest just about brushes the ground. Fix a point to look at 3 feet in front of you on the floor in order to maintain