Master the art of a Muscle Up | SlimClip iPhone Case
There's just one question. What is a muscle up? Before defining it, be informed that it involves two phases. The pull up and push up. If you are good at them (able to engage the target muscles and not just squeezing out the number of reps), you shall not have much problem executing a perfect muscle up. What A muscle up is a combination exercise that falls in the area of calisthenics. It is a combination of a pull-up and then a dip. This exercise can be performed both on a bar and exercise rings. Muscles Targeted This exercise engages muscle groups in the shoulders, arms (both biceps and triceps), chest, and back. After the bar or ring is at chest level, the triceps are engaged for the final motion upwards. How To Muscle Ups start with a person's arms stretched above the head and holding on to a bar or rings. The arms then pull up the body in an explosive speed till the bar reaches the chest level. The wrists are then brought into play to push the person's forearms above