How to work your way to running a 5k | SlimClip iPhone Case
Starting from zero: How to get to a Good to Great 5k? How does one run past the 5000 meter mark? Even champion runners were once a beginner. You might have watched elite runners in admiration at some point asked yourself how they managed to get to where they are in their running form and fitness. "It's an age old idiom but don't compare where someone else is now, to where you are right now" Comparison not only can introduce unnecessary intimidation on your part but also can be a de-motivating force as well. Take for example a heroic figure like Mo Farah (not that any of us will come close to his talent and achievements, but for this example…) he didn't attain his legacy on a single day. He had a strategic plan which he closely adhered to. To those of us who are beginners and want to bring out the best out of ourselves, we can be bolstered by the fact that every person (even elite athletes) have to progress one day and one