How to Most Efficiently Swim Laps: Work Your Way Up From Zero Laps to Infinity | SlimClip iPhone Case
Swimming can either be an individual, recreational, or a competitive activity that is the ultimate total body exercises. Beginner? If you are a beginner at swimming it is important to understand some basic techniques to get you started. The very first step is to remove the fear of the pool and being able to get into the water. Follow this by learning how to control your breathing once in the pool. The next step is to learn how to float. Contrary to popular belief, it is relatively easy to float in water because your lungs are full of air. Once you're comfortable floating with or without an assistive floating device (like a kick board), you can learn how to flutter kick where you hold on to the sides of a pool or a flotation device and move your legs in a scissor or whipping motion. Once this is comfortable to execute, you can try it without the floatation device and use overhead stokes of your arms to push the water back as you move forward through the