Simple Techniques to Help Send Baby off to Dreamland
For parents of a newborn bundle of joy (or even one that's a few months old, for that matter) getting your baby to sleep good so that you can get your own much-needed rest is often a challenge. What can you do when you've tried everything you know, and baby is still wide awake when the rest of the world's sleeping? We have a few techniques you'll find helpful. First, don't make eye contact. Why, you may ask? Eye contact actually stimulates your baby, particularly if you look him or her in the eyes for too long, or in a way that's animated. When putting your little one to sleep or calming him/her upon waking during the night, avert your eyes away from baby's eyes. Considering a calming bath. Just as adults enjoy a nice soak in a warm tub to relax, babies do too. Leave the toys out of the tub - the last thing you want to do is get your baby excited. Use a soft washcloth to gently stroke your baby in warm water. So soothing! Don't think keeping your baby awake longer will make her
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