Robert Taylor
Currently a staff writer for Dreamworks Animation, Robert has extensive experience in the television industry, having worked with such luminaries as Marta Kauffman (co-creator of "Grace & Frankie"​), Thomas Schlamme ("The West Wing,"​ "Parenthood"​) and Aury Wallington ("Sex & the City,"​ "Heroes"​). He is also a professor of film, and a damn good one, at Woodbury University. He's a writer with a journalism background who is also a copywriter and had his first novel published in 2007. He's an expert in the University Admissions process, having worked at AFI before becoming lead Admissions Representative at the International Academy of Film and Television, where he improved enrollments by over 500% in just six months. He is also a volunteer with the Young Storytellers Foundation, and think you should too.