Mt. Bandilaan National Park | Siquijor island - information
Mount Bandilaan is the highest point of Siquijor island, 632 meter above sea level and is not very difficult to reach. In fact it is nothing spectacular comparing to the mountains and peaks on other Philippine islands or somewhere else in the world, but worth to visit. Tourists usually visit Mt. Bandilaan National Park on their way to Cantabon Cave or just during the trip throughout Siquijor mountains and mountain villages. People stop there to climb and reach the viewing platform at the top. There is pavement leading to the platform, so it is easy to find and the climbing itself takes about 20 minutes from parking area. If you do not drive scooter and do not rent tricycle, there is always possibility to climb the mountain from the town Siquijor. It is about 10 km walk through amazing coconut trees forest and then real jungle. Try to find a tour guide who will take care about you during this trip and you will never regret. Once you reach the Mt. Bandilaan viewing platform