Cost of holidays in the Philippines – for how long to go there? | Siquijor island - information
Many people often ask how much money they need to have to be able to live in the Philippines for a month at least. I decided to take a closer look at this and explain why it is even better to come for a month instead of for two weeks. This is based on Siquijor island, where I live, so bare it in mind when planning your travel and holidays in the Philippines, as the prices may vary depending on the region or on how popular the given place is. Flight tickets Doesn't matter for how long you plan to come, return flight will cost you more or less the same. I've heard about people who traveled from Poland and paid about 2k PLN (approx. 460 euro) or even twice more, so the price rage may be huge. One thing I wouldn't recommend – buying one-way ticket with hope for any great promotion for the flight back. It usually doesn't happen! Honestly speaking flights are usually cheaper when booked from Europe and back than in opposite way. And there are much more promo offers for return flights from