Travel Diary NYC - Video – Sincerely Tori
It’s been a crazy month so far, wow. I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend if you’re here in The States, or just an amazing weekend if not. We had some friends over for a grill-out and just chilled and enjoyed the surprisingly nice weather. I’ve been taking some time recently to step back and catch-up on life things so I hope you understand why it’s been a little quiet on the recipe side of things here on the blog. Not to mention I’ve been traveling quite a bit. Speaking of traveling, I was just in New York for an event for a site called DLive. I’ve never talked about it much on this blog but over the past year I’ve been sharing just a few videos there and I’ll be continuing to share more so so if you want to see it there you can click this link otherwise I’ve embedded it from youtube here because (eh hem) I can’t figure out how to embed the DLive vid. I hope you like it! Also, I’m so new at video so please excuse all the mistakes 😉