Gringa Makes a Wedding Cake: A Chilean Wedding Party – Sincerely Tori
Hey guys, I’m pretty sure I promised at some point last week that I’d share some pics from my weekend! I spent most of my week in some kind of zone planning for the weekend and trying to keep up with some other changes in my usual week. Some of you may remember me mentioning that my friend Paulina asked me to cater her wedding party food. The party wasn’t exactly a reception. It was really more the equivelant of a wedding shower but I still made my first tiered cake that requiered supports and everything. Her colors and decor were simple and rustic with oragami cranes and fresh flowers. Josh built me the most incredible cake stand ever and I think it make the cake about ten times better seeing it on top of it. I’m becoming convinced that ha can make just about anything. The lighting situation of the setting was a bit difficult to work with and I really don’t have a ton of practice with photography outside my usual settings. That’s something I plan to work on a lot this year. I was really happy with how the food was received though. There was so much food and almost every single bit got devoured very quickly. Of course, wouldn’t you know, I ended up getting some weird flu bug the day before and I felt like total….well, let’s just say that I didn’t feel my hottest, but I got through it. You know, because that’s what you’ve gotta do sometimes. Another thing keeping me very occupied is our friend’s building project. They are building a cabin from the ground up and we’ve been pitching in when we can. Earlier this week I had too many things to finish for the wedding to be able to go and help on the actual consruction, so I’ve had to settle for being a food supplier to all the hard workers. I did finally got out there yesterday and pick up a hammer. It’s definitely coming together faster than I imagined. Maybe I can share some pictures soon of the progress if you guys are interested…? I’ve learned the hard way, more than once, that most Chileans prefer simplistic flavors and familiar foods so I that in mind when planning the menu. The cake was chocolate on the bottom tier and the top two were vanilla with raspberry filling. The savory options were chicken salad sandwiches, ham and cheese with honey mustard, fruit skewers, Antipasto skewers (those were so easy but so good!), three different flavors of pinwheels (pizza, taco, and bbq chicken), and two different kinds of crostini (spinach dip with hearts of palm and smoked salmon with capers). We kept re-filling the platters and the food just kept disappearing so I think it was all a hit. I’m planning to share one or two of the recipes this week.