Color Theory Class at Silk Road Textiles - Silk Road Textiles | Cincinnati, Ohio
Choosing the right colors for a fiber arts project can feel overwhelming. “I’m just not good at choosing colors” and “I would never have thought to put those colors together” are comments heard all too often. For those wanting to gain some “color confidence” and for those with a knack for color but who would like to understand more of the “Why?” of color, join guest instructor, Chris Adams, on a four week journey to a better understanding of color and how to use color more effectively in fiber arts. Class topics include the art and science of color, color families and relationships, and color manipulation and usage. Chris Adams is a designer trained in Haute Couture method of fashion design at The Virginia Marti College of Art and Design. He is heavily influenced by the American Arts & Crafts movement. His award-winning paintings, murals and garments have been displayed and dispersed throughout the country. He is also an art educator, lecturer and producer of fashion shows. The series of classes runs on Tuesdays in March: 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, AND 3/22 from 6-8PM Related