Caring For Superwash Wool - Silk Road Textiles | Cincinnati, Ohio
We sell a lot of superwash wool in our store, so we thought it only made sense to share these tips with you for keeping your hand knits looking fabulous! Our very favorite no-rinse wool wash is Eucalan because of the gentle ingredients, lovely scent, and unparalleled results. 3 Tips for Caring for Superwash Wool Ample Water * Eucalan Wool Wash * Tumble Dry Low Many knitters and crocheters enjoy working with Superwash yarns because they are easy care. It is nice to know that you can knit a child’s garment or a cozy afghan and not have to worry about someone ruining it in the washing machine. Or do you? Superwash wool is easy care-not zero care. Here are a couple of pointers for caring for garments and blankets made from Superwash wool: Use ample water. Friction is the enemy of any natural fiber, especially merino wool. 100% Superwash merino wool has a short fiber staple length which give the yarn incredible softness, but also makes it more susceptible to pilling. A lot of energy efficient washers use low levels of water. Large projects need ample water to allow the piece to swish and not rub up against itself repeatedly, causing undue friction. A mesh bag, available at Silk Road Textiles, is also helpful in preventing friction. Use the right soap. Superwash yarn is safe for the washing machine, but not necessarily for all of the chemicals found in regular laundry detergent. Many laundry detergents contain enzymes to attack protein based stains. Wool is a protein based fiber, which means the enzymes in your detergent can harm the wool. Instead of a conventional detergent, we recommend using Eucalan wool wash, available in 5 different scents, in bottles or individual pods, at Silk Road Textiles. Use the dryer. But check the label first. Superwash yarn has been processed to remove the scales on the fibers. These naturally present scales are responsible for the adhering of the fibers during felting. Without the scales the fibers lose their gripping properties. When yarn is wet, it becomes heavy and in the case of Superwash wool it will stretch if given the opportunity. Superwash wool springs back into shape in the dryer. We strongly recommend that you tumble dry your projects to prevent overstretching. Ample Water * Eucalan Wool Wash * Tumble Dry Low Feel free to share these three tips and a Eucalan Individual Pod with the recipients of your Superwash wool creations! Related