A/C Servicing | Sibot Vehicle Services
Air Conditioning Servicing is more than just a re-gas!Firstly your vehicle's air conditioning system will be connected to an RMS (Refrigerant Management System) which will remove, measure and clean the refrigerant in your vehicle's air conditioning system. The RMS will then create a vacuum in the system to remove any moisture that may be present and to test for leaks.If no leaks or problems are found the correct amount of new refrigerant, oil and ultra-violet dye will then be put back into the system. The ultra-violet dye is a fault finding aid: should your car's air conditioning system develop a leak in the future, the area of the leak will glow under ultra-violet light: this will save you money on future leak detection.Sibot Services have 5 Refrigerant Management Systems – 3 that are workshop based and 2 that are mobile, so either come to us or we can come to you!Fault Finding and DiagnosisHere at Sibot Services we have many different diagnostic tools to help pinpoint the problem