Symptoms of Inner Peace | Sheena Yoga
Along your yoga journey, you will find yourself being transformed in many ways. In Western society, we tend to focus on the physical transformations that are made possible with yoga asana (postures), yet inner transformation through meditation is the ultimate goal of a yoga practice. The physical postures were merely designed to prepare the body for meditation, since it's much easier to relax in a body that is free from tension, disease, and discomfort. While you may be elated with the way your body is changing, it could be just another attachment that serves to distract you from the way to lasting happiness and fulfillment. If your happiness depends on the high you get from being in great shape, you will be in trouble if you should encounter an injury or illness in the future. While the yoga lifestyle minimizes the risk that this will happen, there are no guarantees. A better idea is to establish an unshakeable sense of happiness that does not depend on anything, something that comes