Chair Yoga to Open Your Chest and Shoulders | Sheena Yoga
The chest and shoulders enable a sense of freedom and creativity throughout daily activities when they are in balance. They allow us to reach out to the world around us and connect with others. Unfortunately, most Westerners suffer from an excess of tension in this region due to our fast paced, high-stress lifestyles. This has left many of us feeling alone, uninspired, and overwhelmed by the demands of daily life. Luckily, there are ways to restore balance to the chest and shoulders so that you can breathe freely and embrace life again. When the burdens of life pile up on the shoulders, this can literally weigh us down and restrict our movement. The muscles at the back of the neck tend to hold onto stress and anxiety. On top of this, most of us have our heads pointing down toward screens, books, and projects we're working on for a substantial portion of the day. The neck and shoulders round forward as we do this, forcing the muscles in the back of the neck to overcompensate by tensing