How to Communicate Effectively During an Acquisition | ShareholderApp
Merger and acquisition activity had a record-setting year in 2015, and could very well break that record this year. But not all acquisitions go according to plan; and IROs have a role to play in ensuring the deals proceed smoothly. 2015 was a big year for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) — the biggest on record, in fact. Deals accounting for $3.8 trillion broke the previous record set in 2007, according to IR Magazine, and Sharon Merrill reports that 59% of executives planned to actively pursue acquisitions in 2016. In other words, 2016 could very well be an even bigger year, with high-profile deals between Aetna and Humana and Bayer and Monsanto well underway. But while executives may be confident in their pursuit of acquisitions, investors often need a little more convincing. Navigating a merger may be one of the most challenging tasks that IR professionals have to tackle, and maintaining effective and clear communication is absolutely vital. Plan Ahead, Waste No Time By nature,