Jay Z Caption Project by Wesley Verhoeve on Exposure
To show there’s a Jay Z lyric for every situation, I embarked on a secret little Instagram project. Over the course of eight week, I captioned fifty consecutive pictures with Jay Z lyrics without cluing anyone in. I tried my best to fit each lyric to a picture from my actual life so well that no one would notice these were Jay’s words. Placing such strict creative limitations on my process turned out to be quite inspiring and a a lot of fun. The extra challenge of doing do as a hidden Easter egg project only made it more fun. Once I made the reveal and added #jayzcaptionproject to each photo, my Instagram lit up with readers tracking back and adding more lyrics. The good folks at Buzzfeed did a write up on the project (see bottom of this post) and to this day these photos see new likes.. To check out all 50 pictures, go over to my Instagram or search IG for #jayzcaptionproject. I’ve included a few screengrabs below.