Claire by Wesley Verhoeve on Exposure
My talented friends Kara Mercer and Victoria Wright were recently chosen to be Fujifilm X-Photographers and came to NYC to celebrate the occasion. They invited a few other photographers to come by a tucked away studio in Midtown to play with a pre-production unit of the GFX 50S, their first medium format camera. Some of the Fujifilm and Adorama teams joined as well, as did a great make-up artist and models Jade and Claire. I grew up in a house where the fridge, much to my mother's dismay, was half-full of various Fujifilm rolls at all times. The plastic film containers and iconic green packaging were among my first improvised toys and I'd spend many an evening in my father's darkroom watching the film come to live. Fastforward about twenty years and there I was in a small studio surrounded by some of my favorite photographers as Kara handed me the GFX. Having never shot with a digital Fujifilm camera before, I know my bad, there was a little bit of a learning curve, but as soon as it clicked for me it was a real joy. (continued below)