Why Pay Extra for a Mobile Ready Website?
Some companies will build you a website that looks good on a computer monitor but not on a Smart Phone or a Tablet PC such as an iPad then charge you extra to have it work on small devices. Funny thing about that is it takes very little extra effort to “do it right the first time” so I start out with a platform that works on all devices, otherwise known as Responsive Design or Fluid Design. It’s always included in every website I do. Why is that important, you ask? Just recently the number of people using Smart Phones to search for products and services like what you have to offer outnumbered the number of people using computers. That trend keeps growing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Many of those people will simply pass your business by if they find your website on their phone in favor of websites where they can tell the owner cared enough to make it mobile friendly. By the way, some companies are marketing software to make any website mobile ready, but have you seen what they do? Quite often they just strip all the formatting from the site and leave nothing but plain text. Gone are all the color and pictures. Again, some mobile users will just keep searching until they find what they want, a nice looking website they can see on their mobile device. Why not have one of those yourself?