The Five Essentials of Every Business Website -
“Too good to be true” pricing is all too common in the world of website design. It’s tempting business owners every day. If a company you’re considering, or your kid’s college buddy, has a much lower quote than everyone else, BE CAREFUL — they may not offer all the services you need. There are 5 essential elements to website design. I call them essentials because if you are missing just one of them, your website could collapse and be a waste of your money, no matter what kind of a deal you got on it. Make sure your website designer is fully capable of handling each of these essentials below — or it’s time to move on to someone else! The Five Essentials of Website Design Are: Design A quality, aesthetically appealing website makes your business look top-notch — even if you haven’t made it past your dining room table yet! Be careful, though: many design firms focus exclusively on this. Incredible design is great, and you absolutely need it, but it’s only one aspect. It can’t hold up the website on its own. Marketing If the design is the face of the operation, then marketing is the brains. You need a designer who understands how consumers think and how they skim a website, and creates a website layout that guides them through the sales process and maximizes the amount of conversions you see. Without this essential, your site will be just another pretty face in the business world — with nothing to show for it. Web design is part aesthetic design, and part social science design. I’ve seen many website designs that where the designer wasn’t very good at either – he’s just a computer geek who likes to code but has no artistic or people skills. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) What’s the point in having a nice website if nobody can find it? SEO is how you improve your rankings in search engines like Google and Bing. High search rankings bring you organic leads (leads that find you without paying Google). If SEO is ignored, Google won’t send people to your site — even if it has an incredible design and marketing strategy. Copywriting Probably the most underrated of all the five essentials, many businesses provide their own copy (words) for their website. Be careful! There is a reason people make a living copywriting — there is an art and science to advertising and product copy. To get the best possible results from your site, hire a design firm with a talented copywriter on board. This has become more important with recent Google algorithm updates and will continue to be more important as Google focuses on the basics: good content for a quality customer experience. The better you can do that the better Google will rank your site. Programming Programming is vital to the success of your site. Even the simplest error in functionality makes a website look unprofessional. On the flip side, excellent programming can make your site easier, and more fun, to use than your competitors — and gives your prospect value they can’t get elsewhere. I take advantage of the excellently crafted and tested themes produced by WordPress premium theme builders who have done much of the work for me as a designer so I can pass the savings in labor on to you as the end customer. So there ya go. Make sure your design firm has ALL these points covered — or give them the boot. After all, these aren’t “optional add-ons” but essentials to your business success. You need them. If you don’t have a professional web design firm, or your current firm doesn’t fit the bill, call Kirby at 509-551-1060. We take care of all of the above to give you a website that can stand on its own and yet for a very affordable price!