Run From SEO Companies Offering Guaranteed Ranking? -
Many will say to run from any company that guarantees rankings, and many of those who say that are themselves SEO companies, yet said SEO companies who are making themselves out to be taking the higher moral ground have no qualms about taking your money if they can’t produce good rankings. Can you see the irony in that? A guarantee, if used correctly, just says, “Rankings are unpredictable, but if we can’t at least do this much for you in any given month we aren’t going to take your money from you that month.” Fair enough? I have been offering some of my clients Guaranteed Rankings! Yes, I actually do guarantee ranking. I tell them that for $1200 I will get their site on Google page 1 for 6 out of 12 high volume keywords. I collect $600 to start with and if I can’t get them to Google page 1 for 6 terms I won’t collect the other $600. Now tell me a client should run from an offer like that. I say people should run from SEO companies that don’t offer a guarantee because they are only guaranteed to take your money no matter how bad a job they do on your SEO campaign. Posted in Guaranteed SEO