Premium Theme Designer - A Small Businessman's Best Friend -
I’m not talking about some fancy new drag-n-drop website maker that enables you to put together a website yourself without knowing any coding. I’m talking about the folks that put out those beautiful and functional WordPress themes that serve as a great starting point for a website, whether you are inclined to do one yourself or have someone like me build it for you. Either way, these premium themes reduce the cost of producing a quality website tremendously. As a case in point, I was talking to a builder at our local Home Show who spent $18,000 on his website that doesn’t really have much going for it. I could have made him a far more functional and attractive site starting with a WordPress premium theme for about $2400, or about 13% of what he paid for his. The reason I can do this is because when I start with a premium theme most of the design and coding has already been done, saving me a lot of time in building a website. One of the premium theme designers who sells themes on the Envato website is Brandon Jones who recently achieved $1,000,000 in sales with Envato and was featured in an interview by them. The reason a premium theme designer like Brandon is a small businessman’s best friend can be summed up in his response to the question, “What is the best thing about your job?” to which Brandon replies, “My next favorite thing is the buyers. Having the opportunity to help small businesses, web designers, and all sorts of other folks realize their online presence without having to spend a ton of money is awesome. It used to be that for people to have a website, they had to either know someone, or spend upwards of $10,000 to get a decently designed website. Nowadays, all it really takes is a bit of time and $45. That’s awesome. Seeing people pop up business websites in an afternoon and start a business that they are passionate about the next day is incredible! Being part of that process is really rewarding.” As you can see this premium theme designer has small businessmen’s interests at heart. He’s a real friend to all business owners marketing their business through the internet.